by The Blue Pages

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Recorded by Christian Medice at C*Medice Productions in Brooklyn, NY, this release has already captured the attention of fans and various media outlets: a feature as Clear Channel Radio’s NEW! Artist to Watch, Hot Topic’s Unsigned Band of the Month for December 2010 and most recently, selected to be featured in Alternative Press magazine’s AP&R section for the upcoming March 2011 issue (on sale Feb. 1). The new EP follows the band’s previous release, “Night Hawke,” which earned them tours in support of Cash Cash, Down with Webster, and Let’s Get It.
Anthropology has a noticeably bigger rock sound than their previous album, which lead singer Zac Barnett attributes to the band’s relocation,
“The new EP was very much inspired by our recent move from Boston to Brooklyn. During our first week in the city, a close friend of mine invited me to see one of New York’s up-and-coming bands, Atomic Tom. It was refreshing to see a band portray pop rock music with an upbeat mentality, but still keep the emotion close to the songs. Anthropology really taps into our primary influences which include Bloc Party, Snow Patrol, Coldplay, Arcade Fire, U2 and so on. We love big, epic rock bands and we hope to have captured something similar to that while still maintaining The Blue Pages’ pop hooks and subtle electronic influence.”
The Blue Pages have partnered up with the nonprofit organization Education Through Music (, which provides quality music instruction to disadvantaged schools throughout New York City. The mission of enhancing students’ academic performance and general development through music is something all members of the band strongly advocate, and as such The Blue Pages will be donating 50% of all album proceeds from Anthropology to Education Through Music.


released February 1, 2011

All songs written by The Blue Pages
Produced by C*Medice Productions



all rights reserved


The Blue Pages Brooklyn, New York

Featured in Billboard, AMP, Alternative Press magazine, and listed as Clear Channel’s NEW! Artists to Watch, The Blue Pages are Brooklyn's most anticipated new band. In 2011, The Blue Pages showcased at SXSW and CMJ and were heard on MTV Real World: Las Vegas, Oxygen’s Bad Girl’s Club, MTV's Chelsea Settles and also streamed at various Lacoste Live! and H&M stores throughout the world. ... more

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Track Name: Run Back Home
It’s you in the night
It’s you by my side
Who’s making my head turn
It’s tempting but we’ve learned
All through the years
Were building up fears
Were calling to hold on
Admitting we’ve been wrong

But while you’re ghost is haunting me

Well bleed just like the killers tonight
and it feels so right burning inside
But you can’t wait to run back home
To run back home

Try while you can
It’s your upper hand
That’s tearing these homes down
Retracing to old ground
You’re pulling back times
We’ve been trying to realize
It’s been a disaster
The worlds ending faster

But while you’re ghost is haunting me

Exploding lights off in the valley shine
Shine on this town
Like a firework in the distance
Reminds me of a once known home
My souls left behind
Leave no man behind
Track Name: Love You Fear
I’ve traveled half the world
I climbed through beds of pearls
And when the storms would calm and the sun would show
Id think of all that I had done
To be right next to you

So show me your light
Give me the town
Let me explore the world you found
Show me your light
And give me the love you feared

So show me your light
Give me a sound
Lets make the most of what’s around
Show me your light and give me the love you feared

You’ve been away for years
You’re having new ideas
But when the past shines through and you’ve grown alone
You think about what you’ve become
Not being close or near

But while this times not fixed
Id never once forget
Track Name: Best I Could Do
Years have washed away
Thinking were happy
Making believe that
Nothing has changed
But tides have come to turn
We’ve both stopped laughing
Faking a scene
That’s been well over played

What could we have done
That would have been enough

Please don’t let it show
That all this time, all this time
Kept me sailing farther from you
Please don’t let it show
That all this time, all this time
Brought us to an end we both knew
I did the best that I could do

You were drifting off
The distance grew deeper
I tried to save you
By playing your games
But time came crashing down
And your heart would sink here
I couldn’t stand to
Take all the blame

You say we’ve more than parted
But show me where it started
It must have been you
What happened to you
But now we walk this shoreline
No longer lovers this time
It’s all I could do
Track Name: Keep Me Dreaming
I’ve walked these streets of silence
Through the cold and misty nights
But the more I search the less I tend to notice
I’ve been trying to find an answer
Why you’ve left me high and dry
Even though you’re gone I need a sense of closure

Through all the times you left and said it wouldn’t be long
Through all the times Id wait for you to never come home
I wont back down
I wont back down so come right back to me

As I gazed out on Manhattan
From the peak of Brooklyn bridge
I could swear I saw an angel in the skyline
And she came stood beside me
As the snow began to fall
Saying times will change but truth will stay forever

I’ve lost your heart
To fallen stars
That keep me dreaming
Track Name: Fight For You
I just want to fight for you

Im losing track of time the days seem no different
Cuz these walls that kept me safe now show no forgiveness
Reflections of my sins have comne back to haunt me
Causing every waken moment harder to live with
And youll see

The truth is Ive been falling apart
She said the truth is you’ve been running too far
But sometimes things don’t change
But ill spend my whole life with this blame
The truth is I don’t think that I can make things right
I just want to fight
I just want to fight for you

Faces that I knew have turned into strangers
Ive nothing left to give when life has no takers
The lights are fading fast but I still see clearly
Clear enough to see an end with no favors
And youll know